Unique hand-made Face Masks

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Unique hand-made Face Masks from an amazing designer in the Philippines. Supporting social projects there that all hospital workers can get a handmade 

Personal protective equipment (PPE). This mask protects others and is 100% washable at 60 degree.

• Double-layer
• Each mask is handmade
• Reusable
• Material: 100% cotton or Multi color are synthetic
• Breathable
• Reversible/Washable
• Made in the Philippines
DISCLAIMER: These masks are handmade so some discrepancies can occur during the folding of the masks.

Please note: 

While a fabric mask won’t absolutely keep you from getting sick or from spreading the virus to others if you’re asymptomatic, it can help by blocking small droplets that carry the coronavirus in a cough or sneeze.

These are not medical grade masks. I do not claim any medical benefits with the use of these masks.
For sanitary reasons, all sales are final and cannot be returned.