Fair Hero Mission

Our mission is it to empower Guatemala Women by given them a chance to sell their products online. 

The goal is poverty reduction through trade, the commitment to improve the socio-economic conditions of economically marginalised Producers and Workers in Guatemala, and trade justice are our organisation’s priority. 

We follow the following fair-trade standards: 

❤ Transparency:
All terms and conditions of Fairtrade transactions are detailed in contracts signed by the producers and buyers.

❤ Fair price:
Producers receive at least a Fairtrade Minimum Price, which aims at covering average costs of sustainable production, or  the market price, whichever is higher.

❤ Fairtrade Premium:
On top of the price, producers receive a Fairtrade Premium, which they can invest in their own development, according to their needs, e.g. for schools.

❤ Market information for planning:
Producers receive sourcing plans and information about market prospects, to enable  them to better plan their activities.

❤  Pre-finance:
Producers have access to pre-finance, to help them fund their operations.

❤  Trading with integrity:
Operators along the Fairtrade supply chains do not engage in unfair trading practices.

❤  Labour and environment:
Traders in Fairtrade supply chains comply with labour and environmental law.