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You want to help an Guatemalan family?

And wear meanwhile a great looking hand-made fair-trade Hiking Boot with beautiful hand-made patterns symbolizing Guatemala supporting a social cause. Then these hiking boots are for you! Hike and shine with the unique hand-made shoes from Guatemala.

Maria from Guatemala who produces the shoes says: 
The Design is made by hand with the highest quality GENUINE LEATHER, made with typical handmade textile (waist weaver) by artisans from the department of Totonicapán of Guatemala.
It has a PU sole which gives greater comfort is very light and has anti-shock.
The colors of this style represent security and self-reliance

The shoe is available in several sizes and can be customized based on your demand.
The cover is leather and the side hand-woven pattens based on the over 1000 of years old technique of pattern production from Mayan families.

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