My story and the start of Fair Hero

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My name is Sarah, I am from Germany originally but I have been living and working the last 10 years all over the world mainly for Social Projects. I have a deep passion for helping others and my mission is to help creating a better world for all of us. Therefore, after my social project in Guatemala supporting the FEDEPMA (FEDERACION DE PUEBLOS MAYAS), I always wanted to help Guatemalan women in starting their own business and that they can live a better life.
Fair Hero (former Small World Link) is an organization that supports Guatemalan women by selling their beautiful hand-made and fair-trade products online in Switzerland, Germany and Austria since 2019.

You want to be a World Changer?
Then help the Guatemalan families by purchasing one of the products here.
The majority of profits go directly back to the Guatemalan families.

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